Quantum Field Constellation

spontaneous collab at SOUND HOUSE .. .. ..BYOBW! 13th ANNUAL, every EASTER!
.... ... ... early NPR show at SOEX ... and then later in Baltimore - as part of PARTICIPATION NATION ... ...noise baby!?!

drum synth with bends = face-melting mega bass! ....... and high gloss FLOATING AMBO PLANTER prints (12" x 12") for sale ... hotttt

SOUTH BAY TALENT CENTER: QUARTERLY REPORT .. is now out! .. and the $100 house .. .. is in full effect

the infamous / improvised coffee video

monsantos' workshop .. images from installations at FRINGE in LA and STEVEN WOLF in SF

( __\_____________welcome! to the digital parking structure for select projects by jon brumit - talking homes, pioneers, lake merritt loops, the free taxi, wimbledome, vendetta retreat, door to door, strip club, byobw (bring your own big wheel), drum on my face, m.o.r.e. (detroit), npr, van boven, the typewriter piano, the light rock, traffic conduction, split lip, recordings from the sf dump, collaborations with neighborhood public radio, montezuma's revenge (the modified corn instrument), ford aerostar art museum, sixty second symphonies, sliv & dulet enterprises, the broadcast bike, the prepared civic project, improvised advertisements, jemis krisp - the holy chocalate bar (and of course jemis flow - the religious laxative), the elf-ops (electric found object piano system - little elves prepare a piano with garbage!), the video debut of tote oma, and opportunities to commission new works, too!

<photo here> from 11th annual
in the streets festival, click HERE for sound posts interviews etc from the festival, thanks to the luggage store and 509!

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